PETRONIC s.r.o. - authorized representative:
  • AXOR - AC and DC servoamplifiers and servomotors, planetary gears
  • CYBELEC - press brake and guillotine CNC numerical controls, AC motors and servo drives, proportional valve control
  • DELEM - press brake and guillotine CNC numerical controls
  • LAZERSAFE - control, safety and operator guarding systems, angle measurement for press brake
  • OPKON - encoder technologies and measurement products for a wide range of machine tool, automation and QA Inspection applications
  • SWEBEND - traditional Swedish manufacturer of top bending and bending machines, realized by a team of former Roundo technicians
  • TAURING - Angle Rolls, Roll Bender and other Machine Tools, now even from SAF
PETRONIC s.r.o. - direct representative:
  • IRT - full range of products, ie. AC/DC servo amplifiers
  • NUOVA ELETTRONICA - safety systems and accesories for press brakes
  • ROBOSOFT - press brake and guillotine CNC numerical controls (mainly for HACO)
  • Common machine tool service
  • Provide service schedules to prolong the life of your machinery and enhance their reliability
  • Protocoled thermal machine scan using Fluke device to avoid unexpected breakdowns due invisible overheating of worn out m achine components
  • Train in safe and efficient use of new as well as used machine tools controlled by numerical controls Cybelec, Delem and ViselRemote troubleshooting applications and machinery networking
  • Remote machinery troubleshooting by remote assist
  • Retrofitting of the CNC numerical controls, servo drives and linear scales
  • Customized PLC-HMI solution for special "one purpose" machines
  • Customized Vacuum Tubes solution for special or old machines
  • Comprehensive oil service, new oil delivery, exchange and oil filtration, tank cleaning, filter replacement
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  • Full range of products from our partners, machines, control systems, drives, technologies, software,etc.
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PETRONIC s.r.o. - autorized representative of Axor, Cybelec, Delem, Lazersafe, etc.